what the fuck

What in the actual fuck?

*slow clap*

My brain just ran out the door… oh shit…

…I want what he’s on.

what a mind fuck.


 Let’s get crackin!

"I want to change the future when I look into your eyes."

Good Morning
Testimony, Vol. 1: Life & Relationship


Good Morning by India.Arie

Good morning optimism
Good morning to my faith
Good morning to the beginning
Of a brand new day

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Full Crate & Mar - Nobody Else (Club Edit)

If it wasn’t for this song i wouldnt be fking with house lol. So shouts to Full Crate for this amazing tune. He also approves of my house tracks so that means alot haha.


i’ll fall for you soon enough

San Fermin | Sonsick ( Vacationer Remix)

After a long day, you just want to go home and shove the closest edible thing into your mouth and watch whatever is on Netflix instant. And on weekends, you try to psych yourself up to go out at night but then you realize you are just so damn tired and Netflix instant sounds awesome. And there’s all that driving and like, having to wear pants.

“TOP TEN SIGNS YOU’RE AN ADULT” by Almie Rose  (via 1112pm)

Pretty much..

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that explains it

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